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Christian Marriage Counseling

Counseling Near Me has Christian marriage counselors and Christian couples counseling and Christian pre-marital counseling. When your faith is central to your relationship, your decisions and your purpose in life it can feel safer if your therapist shares similar values. Our Christian-based therapists do share a belief in God and Jesus as central to their lives. Christians have the advantage of finding security in God as well as personal forgiveness.

Christian marriage counseling is grounded in a monogamous agreement by a promise to love each other. With God and the sacred commitment to love each other, your marriage has the potential to be strong emotionally, physically and spiritually. But there can still be problems in your marriage that need Christian marriage counseling to heal.

Why Do Christian Couples Seek Therapy?

  • Shame that their faith isn’t strong enough to create the marriage they want
  • No one to talk to about their problems. Being models of faith they have difficulty finding confidential help.
  • Caught in a blame and withdrawal cycle that blocks their connection
  • Not being responsive to their partner’s emotional needs or sexual needs (and these two needs are bound together)
  • Very difficult ruptures where forgiveness doesn’t seem possible
  • Feeling hopeless about their own or their partner’s addictions
  • Depression or anxiety and feel that this is evidence of their lack of trust in God
  • Giving too much to church activities and being unable to prioritize their marriage appropriately
  • Lack of knowledge about sexual intimacy
  • Feelings of shame about sexual intimacy prior to marriage, negative effects of purity culture

What is Christian Marriage Counseling?

Our Christian marriage counselors guarantee your confidentiality, maintain empathy so both partners can tell their version of the problems, and serve as a bridge for connection until the partners feel safe to look into each other’s eyes and be vulnerable as they communicate. Christian marriage counseling is merciful — to both parties. We’ll help you find mutual love and respect.

At Counseling Near Me, we also provide Christian Sex Therapy. One of our co-owners and clinical managers is in the process of completing her certification in Christian Sex Therapy.

However, our Christian marital therapy is not spiritual direction. We trust that you have pastors and church leaders who can guide you in scripture and Christian principles. While we are familiar with the way biblical teaching informs Christians’ lives, we do not offer scripture or pray with our clients. We know that there are many differences in denominations and our work is to help two people who are feeling those differences understand each other.

Our role as therapists is to help you wrestle with your own faith and the blessings and conflicts you feel because of it and to help your relationships function with more love. We are delighted to work with Christians who share our faith.

Currently we have two Christian therapists: Janae Poole, Amanda Neff

Janae Poole
Amanda Neff

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