Janae Poole


Janae (pronouns: she/her/hers) is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, highly trained in Emotionally Focused Therapy, who has graduated from Capella University with her MS degree in Marriage and Family Therapy; currently, Janae is finishing up her play therapy certification through Capella. Having graduated from East Carolina University with her BS in Birth-Kindergarten Teacher education, Janae taught as lead preschool teacher for 4 years. She soon realized that her passion was working with the family system, taking a special interest in the way one’s early attachment impacts their present relationships.

Janae has experience working with children with mental and physical disabilities and offering support to their families. She has also volunteered in a community mental health agency working with youth and their families as well as facilitated group therapy sessions for families and children. Janae also has spent time providing individual and couples therapy at a private practice and co-facilitated a women’s sexuality group.

As an African-American therapist Janae continuously strives to bring awareness to mental health, especially to those in the minority communities. She is dedicated to helping individuals and couples identify those negative cycles in their life and work toward communicating their needs, both emotionally and sexually, in an effective manner. She seeks to create a space where clients feel safe, empowered, and validated through a strengths-based, emotion focused approach that utilizes client’s innate strengths and helping them discover new ones.

Personally, Janae enjoys listening to music and podcasts, especially when cooking for her family. She also enjoys volunteering in the school system, being outside, crafting or simply wrapped in a Carolina Panthers blanket, while eating popcorn and reading or watching TV. Her life goals are to make the most of the life she is given and to learn and travel as much as possible.

Areas of Focus

Anxiety, Depression, Marital and Premarital, Racial Identity, Relationship Issues

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