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Christian Counselor Amanda Neff

Amanda (pronouns: she/her/hers) is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and earned her BA in Psychology and Religious Studies from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and her MS in Marriage and Family Therapy from East Carolina University. She is highly trained in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT).

Amanda has always been fascinated by how people make sense of themselves and the world around them when life brings them unexpected circumstances. In turn, Amanda is passionate about helping people learn how to manage life adjustment and its impacts on individual mental health and interpersonal relationships. Her passion motivates her to help individuals, couples, and families find healing in unexpected circumstances by creating a safe space to process emotions, cognitions, and behaviors especially those with a faith-based background. Amanda uses her training in Family Systems Theory, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) and Christian Counseling to help her clients achieve these goals.

Her experience includes work with individuals, couples, and families in the context of primary care settings, school systems, and private practice. Because of her work in a wide variety of contexts, Amanda has worked with children, adolescents, college students, and underserved populations. Amanda has experience working with clients undergoing difficulties with depression, anxiety, relational discord, communication, grief, trauma, life adjustment, chronic pain, health conditions, anger management, women’s issues, and divorce. Finally, Christian counselor Amanda values enriching her clients’ therapeutic process by incorporating her clients’ spirituality, and culture into the treatment process so clients have a choice in finding Christian counseling near me.

Outside of the office, Amanda loves diving into the latest fiction book series she is reading, visiting her beloved Blue Ridge Mountains, spending time with her friends and family, and enjoy a nice hot cup of coffee on a slow Saturday morning.

What is Christian Counseling?

At Counseling Near Me, we have Christian therapists who specialize in Christian marriage counseling and Christian sex therapy. Faith is central to their lives and informs the way they believe people are healed from broken relationships. During a Christian therapy session you can expect to talk to a therapist who is empathetic, knowledgeable, respectful, and validating of your Christian beliefs.

Pastors and priests are often the first counseling resource for Christians with they experience relational issues. Christian therapists take things one step further with the intensive training in how interpersonal dynamics contribute to breakdowns in relationships and marriages. They know that the “sins of the fathers” are the way a person’s family of origin has given them a misguided blueprint for connecting to others.  We primarily work from attachment theory that says our deepest need is to be attached in love to another, to God and to community.

We encourage these clients to be intentional about prayer and take time for reflection before and after our sessions. However, because many of our clients come to us from a variety of different Christian denominations, we do not see ourselves as spiritual advisors and therefore do not read, pray or interpret Scripture together during Christian marriage counseling.

Areas of Focus

Anxiety, Chronic Pain, Depression, Divorce, Grief, Life Transitions, Relationship Issues, Spirituality, Trauma and PTSD, Women's Issues

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