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Couples Counseling

Couples counseling, also known as marriage or relationship therapy, helps couples to improve their relationship and address any issues that may be causing strain or conflict. In an intimate relationship, couples fall into a cycle that, although the content may differ, follows a general pattern. By identifying that cycle, the therapist can help the couple transcend the cycle and develop greater intimacy and enjoy a more fulfilling relationship. Therapy can assist couples at any stage of their relationship, whether they are experiencing acute problems or simply want to improve their communication and connection.

Intimacy and Connection. One of the main benefits of couple’s counseling is that it helps couples to communicate more effectively, thereby increasing intimacy and connection. This connection can help couples, especially when dealing with sensitive or difficult topics. By recognizing the habitual cycle, the couple can address the source of their misunderstandings and hurt feelings.

Conflict Resolution. Conflicts are the surface manifestation of the negative cycle. Therapy can help equip the couple to recognize the pattern of the negative cycle, providing the couple with an understanding of the source of their conflicts and empowering them to make the moves to resolve conflicts. Rather than being confused by the bewildering array of different conflicts, recognizing the negative cycle simplifies the issues down to a single recurring issue.

Empathy. Couples counseling can also help couples develop empathy for their partner’s situation. By understanding their partner’s needs, wants, and desires, and how they play into the negative cycle, couples can build empathy and partner together to change and avoid the negative cycle. From that standpoint of unity, couples are equipped to address specific issues that may be causing strain in their relationship, such as medical problems, infidelity, finances, or parenting challenges.

Relational Satisfaction. In addition to equipping couples to address specific issues, EFT couples counseling provides a path to dramatically increase their overall satisfaction in their relationship.

Overall, EFT couples counseling is a unique tool for any couple looking to improve their relationship. The understanding and connection it brings support communication, conflict resolution, and overcoming the challenges of a committed partnership.


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