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Trauma and PTSD

‘Traumatic experiences leave traces… with dark secrets being imperceptibly passed down through generations.

– Bessel van der Kolk

Understand your past. Change your future.

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Post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, is a type of anxiety disorder that happens after we face a scary and threatening event. As you recover from trauma, you may face a whole host of symptoms. You might have flashbacks to the event, trouble sleeping or insomnia, guilt, shame, or embarrassment. Any of these feelings is normal and here at CNM we can help you to reprocess the event and come to terms with your trauma.

We want to teach you skills for dealing with the traumatic events of your past, and give you tools so that you won’t be held back anymore. PTSD is a disorder that can affect both couples and individuals. If you have a partner with trauma, we can also help re-establish the relationship as a safe place to discuss feelings and we can help your partner understand how to validate and support you.

Sometimes we hold onto the events of our early lives and early relationships for a long time. It can feel disempowering when we see the effects of these relationships even decades later in our life. In therapy, we call this trauma. It can be different from someone surviving an earthquake or car crash. Sometimes it just looks like a communication dynamic learned earlier in life that no longer functions. We may have trauma from earlier experiences that needs to be reprocessed and understood in a new light.

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