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William Marshall


I am honored to witness and assist those on their path of healing, wholeness and authenticity. I
see the therapist-client alliance as a core intervention for transformation. In working together, I
bring warmth, caring, curiosity, a sense of openness, willingness to be in the mystery of not
knowing, unique perspectives, compassion, and humor. I trust that each client will bring their
own unique perspective and has their own deep innate wisdom.

I specialize in identity issues (finding one’s place and keeping one’s essence intact in an ever-
changing world), life transitions, spiritual work (meeting people of all faiths and beliefs where
they are), self-acceptance, compassion and integration work, relational work (family, intimate
relationships, interpersonal work in general), healing attachment wounds, grief work support,
trauma-informed care, working with the powerlessness of addictions without the stigma in a way
that works for each individual, healing family of origin issue/reparenting, celebrating the wins,
and emphasizing what is working. I have devoted my life toward my own development and help
my clients pursue their deepest and highest growth.  I have a Master’s in Clinical Mental Health
Counseling with a certificate in Narrative Healthcare from Lenoir-Rhyne University and a
Bachelor’s degree in Literature from UNC-Asheville. I value self-expression and the human side
of healing. I spent a significant amount of my training devoted to grief and bereavement
counseling. Grief and loss come in many forms and affect all aspects of life.

Through my certificate program in Narrative Medicine, I have learned to make room and give
weight to one’s histories, stories, and narratives, while eschewing labels (we are more than our
labels). I also help people let go of the stories that stick to them, thus relieving suffering. People
often come to therapy looking to relieve their symptoms, then learn to discover their true selves
and have a life beyond their limited concept of self. I want to help you live a life beyond your
wildest dreams. I serve people on their journey to meeting, cultivating, and celebrating their true
Self. I strive to meet each person where they are. We go at your pace; there is no need to push
the river. Healing happens sometimes quickly and sometimes slowly.

Based on training I have received in several modalities, I use many aspects of:
Depth/Transpersonal/Humanistic Psychology
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
Motivational Interviewing
Attachment-Focused Relational Work
Internal Family Systems
Expressive Arts Therapy
Mindfulness and Somatic-Based Approaches

Areas of Focus

Addiction, Grief, Life Transitions, Men's Issues, Relationship Issues, Sex Therapy, Spirituality

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